Indian Ocean in South Africa

Light Tackle Game Fishing on Tropical Shores in Southern Africa

“My target was to annually catch, tag and release at least 100 fish along the ocean shore, in an area closed to recreational fishing and in the Kosi Bay estuarine lakes. The local people had a traditional fishery in the lakes while others fished along the ocean shore to obtain essential protein for their families but a serious concern was possible conflict between these local Zulu fishers and increasing numbers of recreational anglers. I had to investigate the conflict and recommend on future management.”

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All About Trout: Rainbows, Browns, Brooks, and More

There’s just something about trout. Trout prefer cold-water environments—high mountain streams, deep lakes, and limestone creeks. These are the types of places we associate with wilderness and solitude, and I think that is part of the reason trout appeal to us.  On the other hand, trout are also one of the most commonly stocked fish species, raised in hatcheries all over the world and released in waters that many of us can fish with just a short drive from home, making them one of our most accessible fish to catch.

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