BaitYourHook: Who We Are

Welcome to, the online marketplace for fishing trips, where the angling enthusiasts can find and book their next adventure from trips available all over the world. Allow us to introduce ourselves

Where do we come from? 

The story of actually began a few years ago, when we started our first online marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts, Even back then we knew that one day we would start an online marketplace for fishing enthusiasts. It took us some time to learn the ropes, but now we’re finally ready to offer the fishing community a product that gets us all a little closer to our common passion – fishing! 

Online marketplaces aren’t something new in the tourism industry. You’ve probably already booked your holiday home, or a hotel, or an excursion on one of the numerous awesome resources out there. An online marketplace is not a middleman like a booking agency, and it won’t push one choice on you (leaving you wondering whether there are any alternatives). It will put all the best options in one place, where you can research, find your perfect adventure and, quickly and effortlessly, book it. 


Why are we there? 

It’s not an underestimation to say that online marketplaces revolutionized the tourism industry. Before they appeared, you either had to book your holiday travel through an agency, which charged quite a substantial surcharge over the actual cost of the services, or risk your wallet, if not your health, on a journey into the dark, navigating by advice of previous travelers and not-always-honest ads. 

The Internet has been a game-changer, but presented its own set of challenges. With millions of websites out there, it’s not easy to find what you’re looking for. If the website is not on page 1 or 2 of Google search results, it might not as well be there, and very few captains, guides and lodges have the resources to reliably bring their website on the top of the search pages. It’s a shame to miss a trip of a lifetime just because your potential guide is more skilled at catching fish than at web design, but that’s how it is. 

An online marketplace solves this problem: it is built (in our case, at least), by a dedicated team of software engineers who make sure it comes up on the first pages of any related Internet search. It is supported by advertising, both traditional and digital, social media activity and more. Operators typically find that they can reach more clients more easily through an online marketplace than they can through their own Internet promotion effort. From the client’s perspective, the built-in search system makes it easier to find the trip you’re looking for, and you can trust that the operator and the service they provide is real. 

How Does It Work?

If you’re an angler, it’s easy. Anybody can search our system for that fishing trip of your dreams. Go to our main page, enter the desired destination, dates, and number of anglers and hit “Search trips”. Or, you can go to the search page, where you can enter not only the destination, but the fish species, price, location (backcountry, rivers, lake, etc.), methods (e.g. fly fishing), or catch policies (catch & release or not), who offers the trip – charter, lodge, or guide, and so on. Alternatively, you can also see the offers on the map, or peruse our catalog, where the fishing trips are grouped by destination, fish species, fishing types and fishing techniques.

Found a trip that sounds interesting? Click on it to see the details, and if you have any questions left, click “Contact Operator” and fire them away. When you’re sure it’s the right trip for you, hit the “Reserve” and book your trip in an easy and straightforward routine. All our offers come with Best Price Guarantee, meaning you can’t get the same trip any cheaper anywhere else. 

If you’re a captain, lodge, or guide, and would like to list your offers on, just click “Add listing”, and enter your details. If you’ve got an iota of experience with a website or blog, you’ll set up your page and listings in a flash, and in any case our experienced support team is always there to help you get up and running. After that you can just throw in your bait and wait for clients – or, if you like a bit of action (like in flyfishing), you can attract more attention to your offers by sharing your pics and stories through our social media pages and blog.

What Makes Us Different? 

      Wide Reach 

They say you can’t be all things to all people, we say we can try! Wherever there is water, there is fish in it, and wherever there is fish, it can be caught. From street fishing in the world’s most populated cities, to journeys to the most remote areas in search of the most exotic fish species, we have everything! Want to introduce a youngster to fishing on a stocked pond (to give the child a foolproof chance to catch something)? We’ve got you covered. Want to feel the giant tuna or marlin on your line? Got that, too. If it swims and is legal to catch, it’s on Except alligators. Alligators are on 


Five years in the digital industry is not a joke. Everybody can make a mistake, but has been designed better from the start, because of all the things we learned while working on our previous project. We may be new on the fishing market, but trust us, we’ve been in the business long enough to know how to do it and do it right. And we know the outdoors! Many members of the team are not simply passionate anglers, but professional outfitters and guides! 

      Ease of Operation 

Our experience with the online marketplace platform allowed us to build a website that is not only efficient and safe, but is also very easy to operate. This includes a number of interesting features and choices. 

The most important of these features is Instant Booking, an option that allows the clients to book the trip without waiting for confirmation from the operator. We all know how tantalizing this wait can be, and how important a timely response is for making the client’s plans. Guides and captains may not always be in the Internet coverage area – that’s why we give them an option to receive notifications about the clients’ interest not only by email, but also by SMS messages. 

Our online marketplace is still very young, but we’re making steady progress and investing heavily in brand awareness. Soon we shall release our mobile app. We believe in win-win scenarios, and we strive to simplify the process of searching for clients, on the one hand, and finding your perfect fishing trip, on the other hand.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you. What is your favorite type of fishing? Where do you usually fish? What’s your biggest fishing dream? Which destination would you love to fish in the future? And, more importantly, can you find the fishing trip of your lifetime on Click and find out! 

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