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Wow, has that been a head-swimming year? Don’t know about you, dear fishing enthusiasts, but it has sure been so for us at! This time a year ago, we’ve just launched our online marketplace for fishing trips, and there wasn’t a moment where we weren’t busy with getting it up and running without a hiccup since. 

To make things even better, though busier, we’ve seen more interest to our product, from both operators and anglers, than we expected. We thought, during the pandemic things were going to be slow – well, guess what, there are already almost 500 operators on our platform, and you can book a fishing trip with us on every continent. 

We introduced the Angler Profile, and made it even more simple to register and login (you have a choice of logging in by email, username and password, or can simply use your Google or Facebook accounts). With the profile, you can control your bookings, add trips to favorites, and of course chat with operators. Communication is paramount for satisfaction, which is why we pay so much attention to the chat system: you can send a request to a captain, and then continue discussion from your profile or a booking page. 

And, to make things even more convenient to you, we’ve introduced Instant Bookings. Those are the fishing trips that you can book without having to wait for confirmation from the captains. This is important for people who are looking for last-minute options, and especially for the anglers on vacation – you know, you’re at the seaside, so how about some fishing? Look, they have an option tonight! Press “Book”, then wait for confirmation, but it doesn’t happen. Two hours before the time – nothing, one hour – nothing… Worrying? Not any more, not with Instant Bookings!

There’s still a lot to do, of course. For example, at present the operators have a mobile app for both iOS and Android, where they can control their chats, calendars, and bookings. We’re working on an app for anglers, too. And fishing is supposed to be the most peaceful and pacifying activity ever!

Our reward from that is knowing that you can book the fishing adventure of your dreams quickly, effortlessly, and with complete satisfaction. When fishing, all you need to worry about are things like which fly to tie for that picky brook trout, whether you’re not reeling in the lure too hard for that huge lake muskie, or if the magnificent marlin, that has just made its spectacular leap out of the water, will or won’t get away. 

At that, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year – and tight lines! 

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